Marco is a Dutch Artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

He draws comics and illustrations.


The work:

2018 / 2017 - working on a new story and drawing already the main character and the surroundings.


2017 -  Finished the comic ‘The Perfect Human Being’, a comic started as a graduation work, and finished after his graduation (78 pages).



2009 - 2013 Art Academy at the ArtEZ, Zwolle, Netherlands.


2003 - 2009 Building Environment, different Studies on different Levels at the Graafschap College, Doetinchem, at the HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen), Arnhem and at the ArtEZ Academy of Architecture, Arnhem, Netherlands.


1999 - 2003 Carpentry at the Staring College, Borculo.



Every year he helps creating a Float that rides in a procession in his hometown, this consists of about ten floats and more than twenty children’s vehicles all covered with flowers.